Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Video Tour of Gulf Breeze Zoo~

Video Tour of Gulf Breeze Zoo~
Take a ride on the Safari Train through Northwest Florida's favorite Zoo

What better way to celebrate the beautiful 70 degree days we've been having in Northwest Florida this winter than with a trip to the Gulf Breeze Zoo!

We made a visit last weekend to bring you this video tour of the Gulf Breeze Zoo. We sure hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

For more information on the Gulf Breeze Zoo, read our in-depth blog post here:

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Escambia & Santa Rosa County Crime Map!

Escambia County Sheriff now offers Crime Map!
Keep track of what's happening in your neighborhood.

Wow!  We are so happy with the Escambia County Sheriff's office for adding an Interactive crime map for Escambia & Santa Rosa Counties to their website. This interactive map reflects recent crime in Pensacola, Milton, Pace, Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Perdido Key and Cantonment, FL.

You can search by address and view the following offenses:
  • Breaking & Entering
  • Homicide
  • Robbery
  • Theft
  • Vehicle Theft
  • Theft from Vehicle
  • Sexual Offense
  • Assault
  • Property Damage
  • Quality of Life including Drugs, Alcohol, & Other Disturbances
Crime Map showing recent crime in Escambia & Santa Rosa Counties
Screen shot showing new Interactive Crime Map for Pensacola area from Escambia County Sheriffs Office

This is a great way to keep up with criminal activity in your neighborhood. This map can also be used as a reference for those moving to Pensacola or house hunting within the Pensacola area. To use this map, visit the Escambia County Sheriffs Office website here:

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Aragon Neighborhood in Downtown Pensacola~

Aragon Neighborhood in Downtown Pensacola~
Pensacola's Premier Downtown Pensacola Neighborhood across from Pensacola Bay! 

Aragon Subdivision in Downtown Pensacola near Pensacola Bay
Downtown Pensacola's Aragon Neighborhood~
Situated between 9th Avenue and Florida Blanca Street in Pensacola, rests one of the gems of our city, the Aragon Subdivision. Residents of the neighborhood and visitors alike, enjoy quiet strolls and morning runs down the tree lined sidewalks.

From 9th Avenue, enter under the iron arches and take in the architectual beauty that gives this newer subdivision an old-time feel in the heart of Pensacola’s historical downtown district.

Aragon Subdivision in Downtown Pensacola near Pensacola Bay

This style of neighborhood is classified as a New Urbanism design which promotes walkable neighborhoods. It is closely related to regionalism, environmentalism, and smart growth subdivisions.

Admiral Mason Park ~

There is no lack of interesting sites surrounding this neighborhood. Not only are there parks, monuments, and million dollar views, local businesses have also taken up shop around the perimeter of Aragon.
Residents and visitors can walk to the Aragon Wine Shop on 9th avenue for wine tastings or get a five star meal from Jackson’s, Global Grill, or the Fish House nearby. The Pensacola Civic Center is only a couple blocks away, as well as downtown nightlife, like Seville and Vinyl, popular downtown Pensacola hangouts. Take a walk down to Palafox Pier and spend the afternoon fishing or catch a Blue Wahoos baseball game.

Pensacola offers a lot of festivals, parades, firework shows, and events throughout the year. Living in Aragon is a great opportunity to enjoy these local events without having to fight the traffic.

Admiral Mason Park in Downtown Pensacola
Admiral Mason Park in Downtown Pensacola

Just a block from Aragon is Main Street and beautiful Pensacola Bay. Across the street from Aragon is the Admiral Mason Park. This park is a Veterans Memorial Park with a wall of names, several veteran monuments, and a large pond with fountains. Across Main Street looking out over the bay is the National Memorial to Missing Children.
Development of this newer community is still underway. There are 130 total sites in the Aragon subdivision and 68 of those are currently vacant lots ready for you to build your dream home on. Follow this link from the Escambia County Property Appraisers website to see a snapshot of the neighborhood layout! 
Neighborhood Map of Aragon Community in Downtown Pensacola~
There are six basic building types in the Aragon Subdivision including townhouses, cottages, park houses, side-yard houses, small cottages, and row houses.  The Aragon community has several community gardens and large community park.

Street names in the Aragon Neighborhood include:
Roundabout with working clock tower
in Aragon Subdivision, Pensacola, FL 32501
  •  Aragon St.
  •  Centros St.
  • Florida Blanca St.
  •  E Romana Street
  • Santos Street.
Aragon's School Districts:
  • Global Learning Academy Elementary School
  • Workman Middle School
  • Pensacola High School
For more information on Escambia County School District, visit their website here.

Homes for Sale in Aragon
Resale prices in Aragon range from $300,000 to well over $700,000. Home prices as well as lots in this area are increasing. For a listing of homes available in the Aragon Community or surrounding Downtown Pensacola Neighborhoods, contact us.

There will not be a better time in the near future to buy a home. Contact me today (850) 304-5236 for more information on this neighborhood, home, or any property in and around the Pensacola area.

Homes for Rent in Aragon
Due to the exclusivity and high end nature of the Aragon Community, homes for rent are rarely  offered for lease. For availability on Downtown Pensacola Homes for Rent, email 

See you in Downtown Pensacola!
850-473-3983 Office

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Pensacola Real Estate Market Update!

2013 Pensacola area Real Estate Market Update
Brought to you by Pam Keen Brantley, President of NWFL CRS

I recently attended a seminar sponsored by our local Certified Residential Specialists (CRS) Chapter which made these slides available to me.  During this seminar, Metro Market Trends made the following predictions:  

Overall home affordability is the best since 1971.
• The Fed is expected to keep interest rates very low in 2013.
• Higher rents will encourage some families toward home ownership.
• New household formation will have a positive, though small, effect on increasing demand.
• After 6 years of decline in the Pensacola area Real Estate Market, the modest improvement in 2012 could set the stage for more gains in 2013
• Lenders will continue to bring inventory to the market and allow short sales which will maintain downward pressure on prices.
• Sales volume in 2012 increased 9.6% in the Pensacola area over 2011's sales volume.

Pensacola REal Estate Update! Escambia & Santa Rosa Counties in Northwest Florida~ Condo New & Resale!
Pensacola area Real Estate Market Update
Escambia & Santa Rosa County~ Single Family Home Resale ~ Pensacola Real Estate Market Update
REO Sales in Escambia & Santa Rosa Counties in Northwest Florida~
REO Sales in Escambia & Santa Rosa Counties in Northwest Florida~
I am hopeful that 2013 will be a good year for Pensacola area Real Estate in terms of increasing rental rates and improving sales volume and prices.

The inventory of rentals and of single family home listings is down and demand is up, so we are hoping for rental and sales prices to increase here in 2013. My company, Realty Masters of FL has rented over 400 homes in 2012 and we continue to be number one in rentals in Pensacola rental homes. If you are looking for a rental home in Escambia or Santa Rosa County, visit our website at

Even with the real estate market improvement, I know there are still people out there that are struggling to keep their property above water. If you have a distress situation or you feel you want to try and sell for any reason, I can do a free market analysis and consultation regarding the possibility of selling give me a call anytime at (850) 232-2200 or email me at   

Pam Keen Brantley with Realty Masters, Retired Navy Captain
Pam Keen Brantley, Broker
Realty Masters of FL

If you just want to keep up with the market you can go to my sales website at  and sign up for Market Snapshot to keep current with info on the neighborhoods where your properties are located.

Thanks and have a great day,
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

File for your Homestead Exemption in Pensacola!

File for your Homestead Exemption

The March 1st deadline to apply for a Florida homestead exemption is rapidly approaching. If you purchased a new home within the last year, this is a deadline you do not want to miss.

There are additional exemptions for homeowners who are active duty military, disabled veterans, seniors over 65, widowers, and other special categories. It’s essential that all homeowners understand all of their entitlements. Since we have many military and retirees in the area, the staff at Realty Masters are finding that many eligible owners are not aware of their benefits nor do they know how and when to apply. Our goal is to spread the word and ensure everyone receive all their entitlements.

Benefits of a Homestead Exemption - There are numerous financial benefits to having a homestead exemption on your property. On the most basic level, the homestead exemption itself entitles most homeowners to a deduction of $25,000 off of their property’s assessed value, which can result in several hundred dollars in tax savings. If your home is worth at least $75,000, you will receive an additional $25,000 deduction from your assessed value, although that additional deduction will not apply to school tax levies. Once you establish your right to a basic homestead exemption on your property, you may also qualify for additional homestead exemptions if you are over 65 years old or have a disability. But perhaps most importantly, receipt of a homestead exemption means that, pursuant to the Save Our Homes Amendment to the Florida Constitution, the assessed value of your homestead property cannot increase more than 3% per year or the percent change in the Consumer Price Index. Moreover, in many cases, this tax savings can now be transferred to a new Florida residence if you move. Thus, while the basic homestead exemption may only save you a few hundred dollars per year, the rights that come with a homestead exemption can be extremely valuable.

How to Apply - Homestead exemption applications must be filed with the county Property Appraiser by March 1st of the tax year for which the exemption is sought. Thus, in order to receive a 2012 homestead exemption, you must apply by March 1, 2013. If you acquired or moved into your new home after January 1, 2013, then you would not qualify for a 2012 homestead exemption, but you can go ahead and apply now for a 2013 homestead exemption. If you already have a homestead exemption, you probably do not need to re-apply, as most counties use an automatic renewal process, whereby you only need to notify the Property Appraiser if you are no longer entitled to the exemption. If you have any questions regarding eligibility we recommend you go to their office or call them (especially if considering a purchase or soon after buying a home). They will outline the various exemptions and criteria in detail.

You can contact your Florida county property appraiser at Santa Rosa County (850)-983-1880 or Escambia County (850) 434-2735.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Luxury Golf Course Living in Northwest Florida

Luxury Golf Course Living in Northwest Florida
This 4 bedroom Stonebrook home offers luxury living atop the 18th Fairway!

If you live in Northwest Florida, you are sure to appreciate the 343 days of abundant sunshine our area offers.  With sunny skies and beautiful weather, many take pleasure in local outdoor activities such as golfing, fishing, birding, swimming, and just soaking up some vitamin D. 

What better way to enjoy the Florida lifestyle than to live in a community where you can enjoy all of the above?

This beautiful 4 bedroom 2 bath Pace, Florida home offers one of the best Golf Course Views in our area. What's not to love of this beautiful view overlooking the 18th Fairway of the Stonebrook Village Golf Course? 

Do you love this Stonebrook Village house as much as we do? Call Ella for your tour at (850) 473-3983. 

You can view more photos and information on Pensacola area rentals on our website at  

Interested in living in luxury in the Pensacola area? Give us a call at (850) 473-3983 or email me:

For more information on the Stonebrook Village Community, check out the Stonebrook Village Community Profile here:

See you on the golf course~
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

House Fires & Protecting Your Family.

Renters Insurance: Protecting your Family
A recent house fire reminds us how important Renters Insurance really is!

Back door shown after fire at Milton home on Hamilton Bridge

In the last month, two of our clients have been devastated by house fires in the Pensacola area. Luckily, this is not something we encounter often, but when it does, it is a serious and dangerous matter. 
The photos shown here are of a Milton home owned by one of our agents, Bob Supinger.  This home, located on Hamilton Bridge Rd., erupted in flames last week.  While the cause for the fire is still being investigated, the fire department suspects the fire originated in the attic. The fire started in the middle of the night, and within minutes, the home was ablaze.
Remains of Kitchen after house fire at Milton Home on Hamilton Bridge Rd.~

Because of this experience, Bob spoke with the local fire department to get more information on the cause of fires as well as tips to prevent house fires.  According to the Santa Rosa County Fire Department, fires in the Escambia & Santa Rosa County area are on the rise.

Common local causes for household fires include:
  • Lint in dryer
  • Grease fires on stove
  • Christmas lights and other decorations
Make sure to pay close attention to these items and never leave a stove unattended while cooking. In addition, test your smoke detectors at the beginning of every month when you make your rental payment. When protecting your family, consider not only the possibility of loss of life and personal injury, but also the potential loss of all your possessions.

Consider these questions:
  • What if your entire home erupted in flames or flooded?
  • Do you have an escape plan to keep your family safe? 
  • Do you have the proper renters or homeowners insurance to protect your financial position?
  • Do you have the proper documentation to prove your losses?
  • Where do you store your important documents?
  • Do you have working smoke detectors or a fire extinguisher?
Laundry area of burnt house in Milton~
While we do not require renters insurance, we strongly suggest that every resident secures insurance.Your landlord is not responsible for your personal contents. For as little as $25 per month, your family can secure renters insurance to protect you in case of a life changing event such as this one. Luckily, this family had renters insurance.

Your current insurance agent can offer you options for renters or homeowners insurance.  In addition, we have two local contacts you can get free insurance quotes from!
  • Matt Salvator Insurance Agency with offices in Gulf Breeze/ Navarre
On the Web:
Matt Salvator (850) 932-3459

Remember to figure the cost of your renters insurance into your monthly payments. If you are unsure of how much coverage to secure, take an inventory of your personal possessions. Type out a list and document with photos, serial numbers, and video if possible. These items should be stored in a different location or in a fireproof, waterproof safe. Once you take inventory of each of your items, provide that list to your insurance agent to come up with a fair amount of coverage. While the amount of coverage varies between families, I would suggest no lower than $25,000 in case of emergency.

Renters insurance in Pensacola area
Milton home devastated after a house fire in January 2013! Get renters insurance!
house fire in Milton
More damage to Milton home from 2013 January House Fire!
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Think of lighting as art for your home

Think%20of%20lighting%20as%20art%20for%20your%20homeLighting is possibly the most powerful tool you have when it comes to interior design. It does not make sense to invest in beautiful furniture, rugs, paintings and accessories if they are in the dark. The perfect light fixture not only illuminates a space - it is also a beautiful, decorative design element.andnbsp;
"When looking for a light fixture, think of yourself as a curator looking for a perfect piece of art," says interior designer Laurie Smith, known for her role as a featured designer on the hit television show Trading Spaces. Smith says, "Like art, a fabulous fixture can make a strong design statement, as well as provide illumination for your space."
Often consumers do not realize the difference updated lighting can make in their homes. Smith suggests finding one special piece and building a room around it. "In design school, we learned that lighting is the most exciting and mysterious medium in design. Lighting is sculptural; it's textural, it's exciting," she says.
"There are so many varying styles and designs in lighting today that the possibilities are endless. Different materials and shapes are just part of what goes into determining that perfect fixture," says Smith. "For instance, do you want the shape of your piece to contrast with your room's schematic or coordinate with it? Taking a traditional fixture and placing it into a modern setting creates interest through contrast, while taking a sleek modern fixture and putting it into a traditional setting infuses new vitality and a sophisticated accent."
With so many choices on the market, the task of selecting a light fixture can be difficult and overwhelming for many homeowners. It's just a matter of developing a plan or one idea. To help consumers get started, Smith talks about the importance of lighting to interior design in a new video series. Each minute-long video focuses on a different aspect of lighting and ways to incorporate it into every homeowner's design plan.
Videos in the series include:
* Choosing the Right Lighting Fixture
* Find an Object of Inspiration
* The Impact of a Single Lamp
* Lighting Fixtures as Art
Whether looking for one fixture or a complete lighting design plan, a great place to start is at a lighting retail showroom. There you will find professionally trained staff to help you select the perfect light for your space.andnbsp;

Courtesy of BPT

Easy-to-change seasonal decorating ideas

When spring arrives with its bright sunshine, fresh air, vibrant colors and light, do you find yourself regretting the decorating decisions you made last fall or winter? It's natural to incorporate the season into your home decor, and the best way to do that is with design touches that can change as easily - and quickly - as the seasons themselves.

While you may love the bright reds and greens of the holiday season or the lush lilacs and blues of spring and summer, making them the foundation of a room's design can leave the decor feeling out-of-step when the seasons change. By starting out with a foundation of neutral colors in walls, flooring and furnishings, you can add colorful and seasonally appropriate accents.

Updating your decor to complement the season is as simple as focusing on a few key areas.


It's easy to overlook, but lighting is a key element in room design, and one that needs to change with the season.

In spring and summer, when sunshine is abundant and the days are longer, you can rely more on natural light. During warm months, you may only need artificial light late in the evening, when the advanced hour makes soft, muted light appropriate. Winter's shorter days and weaker sunlight lead to greater dependence on artificial light throughout the day, so your lighting design should include options that can be used throughout the day.

Most rooms will benefit from a mixture of overhead lighting, floor lamps, wall sconces and table lamps.


While neutral-hued walls make a versatile background for virtually any design, don't be afraid to spice things up with seasonal touches. Repositionable wall covering optionsandnbsp;make it possible to create a seasonal look with a wall mural - and then remove it and replace it with something different when the season changes.

A patented adhesive allows you to easily place the removable wallpaper on virtually any smooth, flat surface, from windows to walls. You can pull it down, reposition it elsewhere, even fold it up and store it in a drawer for use next year. A wide variety of designs mean you can find something to fit your seasonal decor, and if you don't see anything you like, you can customize by submitting your own original photo through the website.


If your floor is wood or you have a newer home with builder-installed carpet, you probably already have a neutral palette to work with. Adding seasonal flair to floors is as simple as adding or removing area rugs.

Area rugs in rich tones can warm up a room during winter months - especially when wood floors can feel cold underfoot. You can even add an accent rug in evergreen or crimson to underscore your holiday decor.

In warm months, when your family spends more time outdoors, a more durable area rug, positioned near entryways can help keep soil, grass clippings and other debris off your carpet or floor.


From window treatments to wall art, accessories are an easy, great way to create a seasonal look in any room.

In winter, when you want to keep out the chill, choose heavier drapes in colors that inspire warmth and comfort. For autumn or spring, when you want to welcome in sunlight, lighter, sheerer options can be appropriate. And in summer, when you'll rely on blinds to block out hot midday sun, pastels and lighter fabrics can be a soothing foil to the utilitarian appearance of blinds.

Just as you change your own wardrobe to stay in step with the seasons, updating your home decor seasonally can help make your home feel welcoming and comfortable. Fortunately, it's easy to keep your home decor in tune with the seasons when you make a few updates that are easy to change with the season.

Courtesy of BPT

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Three ways to give energy savings the green light in your home

Red means stop, green means go - we learn that axiom as children. When it comes to home energy costs, however, going green can help homeowners put a stop to runaway utility bills. And maximizing your home's use of natural light - call it green lighting - is a great way to boost your home's energy efficiency.

Here are three ways you can put Mother Nature to work, and use natural light to lower your energy costs:

Minimize use of artificial lighting

Anyone who's ever paid an electrical bill knows that the simple act of turning on a light can directly impact your monthly expenses. Homeowners looking for a long-term way to power down their lighting costs may consider Energy Star-qualified skylights a good investment. While skylights' cosmetic appeal can't be argued, their value goes far beyond good looks.

By admitting natural light into your home, skylights can help reduce use of artificial light sources - and help you save on electricity costs. Pair powered venting skylights that come with automatic rain sensors with efficiency-enhancing accessories like designer blinds (available in a varied palette of colors and patterns), and you can improve energy efficiency as much as 37 percent, according to skylight manufacturer Velux America. And, with tubular products like Sun Tunnel skylights, you can even bring natural light into ground-floor rooms or spots where a traditional skylight may not work, such as a first-floor powder room, hallways, or walk-in closets.

Reduce hot water costs

Long gone are the days when solar powering your home was an idealistic, but impractical dream. Solar technology is more useful, accessible and cost-effective than ever. Solar water heating systems are becoming mainstream, and offer homeowners a great, green way to trim energy costs. What's more, the cost of installing these systems has been steadily declining as the technology advances, and you may find adding one makes you eligible for tax credits or incentives from your local, state or the federal governments. You can calculate the costs and possible paybacks online at

Make home a healthier place

Every year, ill health costs the U.S. economy billions of dollars, experts say, and your own health woes can have a significant impact on your pocketbook. The health benefits of natural light are well-documented, from reducing the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and promoting the body's production of Vitamin D, to improving mood and even learning ability.

Simply opening blinds and curtains to admit more natural light can directly affect the mood inside your home - not to mention the mental state of the people living in it. Take your green lighting efforts to a higher level by adding venting skylights, and you can also help improve the air quality inside your home. While skylights admit ample natural light, their natural chimney effect works with your windows to bring in and circulate much more healthful fresh air. They also passively vent fumes and dampness that can lead to mold and mildew.

By incorporating natural light and passive ventilation into their home decor and improvements, homeowners can put the brakes on rising utility costs - and give the green light to energy savings.

Courtesy of BPT

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Luxury Living on Pensacola Beach~

Rare Find~ Waterfront 5 Bedroom for rent on Pensacola Bay!
225 Sabine Drive, Pensacola Beach, FL~

With only 4 luxury homes available on Pensacola Beach, our newest rental home is definitely one of the nicest waterfront homes available in the area. The huge sandy, waterfront lot and private location make this home nicer than the rest.

Rent this home, and your new backyard will be your private beach getaway! This backyard is perfect for a beach volleyball net. The calm waters of Pensacola Bay provide the perfect place to paddleboard, kayak, sail, and swim.

  • 5 bedroom 4 bathroom home
  • 3,726 square feet over 3 levels
  • 3/4 acre sandy beach lot features 80+ feet on Pensacola Bay
  • Circular driveway to allow for extra parking
  • Guest quarters with kitchen, living room, and 2 bedrooms 

This luxury Pensacola Beach home can be offered fully furnished for a corporate rental or unfurnished to accommodate a large family and their belongings. For your personal tour, contact Realty Masters at (850) 473-3983 or Keven Ard at (850) 304-5236.

For a list of homes available in the Pensacola Beach area, email

Thanks and have a great day,
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